Argentina Tier 2

Primera National

League Guide & Facts

  • The second tier of Argentine football

  • 32 teams divided into two divisions based on geographic location (Zones)

  • Teams play each other twice (30 games)

  • 3 points for a win, 1 for a draw

  • League is sorted by points


  • Winners of each Zone play each other in a one off champions playoff final with the winner being automatically promoted

  • Teams finishing 2nd-4th compete in a knockout play-off system with the winner being promoted

  • The loser of the champions playoff final final joins the regular playoff system at the semi final stage

Still with me? You've gotta love these South American league systems!


  • Bottom team in each Zone is relegated


  • Only 4 foreign players allowed

  • Things change entirely in the second season as an extra two teams are put into each zone but from what I can tell there is a minimum 6 relegation spots up for grabs but the promotion method to the top flight stays the same

Location Of Teams

Greater Buenos Aires (GBA)

Suggested* Additional Nations To Load

A Journeyman tour of the Americas

All South American Nations


*As always this is only a suggestion, the leagues listed are in order of importance feel free to run as many or as little leagues as you think your system can handle. The setup above gives a nice regional feel and still maintains historic transfer links with the two European Nations mentioned

Media Prediction, Board Expectations and Title Odds

Group A

*Your odds and board expectations may vary slightly from save to save

Group B

*Your odds and board expectations may vary slightly from save to save

Football Manager 2021 - Argentina Primera National - Club Culture

Group A

Group B

Football Manager 2021 - Argentina Primera National

Club Facilities

Group A

All Boys


Atl. Rafaela



Chacarita Jrs.

Dep. Moron

Estudiantes (BA)


Gimnasia (Jujuy)


Nuevo Chicago



San Martin (SJ)

San Martin (Tucuman)

Group B



Barracas Central

Brown (Adrogué)

Def. de Belgrano

Dep. Riestra

Estudiantes (RC)

San Gimnasia

Guillermo Brown

Ind. Rivadavia

Mitre (SdE)


Sarmiento (Junín)



Villa Dálmine