Chile Tier 2


League Guide & Facts

  • The second tier of Chilean Football

  • 15 teams

  • Teams play each other twice (28 games)

  • 3 points for a win, 1 for a draw


  • Winner of league promoted automatically

  • 2nd place receives a bye to the playoff final

  • 3rd to 6th qualify for playoff quarter final.

  • Winner of semi final plays the second place team for a place in the top fight


  • Bottom side are relegated


  • The match squad must have at least 2 under-21 players. (Born after 1/1/2000)

  • Domestic Under-19 players are automatically eligible to play in all matches.

  • Total minutes played by Under-21 players must be at least equal to of the time played by the team in this stage. (28 x

  • 90 minutes) (Born after 1/1/2000)

  • Maximum of 7 foreign players

  • Maximum of 5 foreign over-21 players (Born before 1/1/2000)

  • Maximum of 2 foreign Under-21 players (Born after 1/1/2000)

Suggested* Additional Nations To Load

Tour The Americas

Plus maybe

Optional (historic and transfer links)

*As always this is only a suggestion, the leagues listed are in order of importance, feel free to run as many or as little leagues as you think your system can handle. The setup above gives a nice regional feel.

It is advisable however to run as many top tier leagues of major nations as you can to keep the continental club competitions competitive

Media Prediction, Board Expectations and Title Odds

*Your odds and board expectations may vary slightly from save to save

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