Romania Tier 2

Liga II Casa Pariurilor

Romania Tier 3 is viewable only however loading it is advisable

League Guide & Facts

  • The second tier of Romanian football

  • 21 teams

  • Teams play each other once (20 games)


  • Top 6 teams play each other again and the top two are then automatically promoted

  • 3rd and 4th placed teams play 13th and 14th placed teams from the league above to decide promotion


  • Teams finishing 7th - 21st will be split into 2 groups. (Group A 7 teams, Group B 8 teams)

  • Bottom 2 from Group A relegated

  • Bottom 3 from Group B relegated

  • 5th placed teams from both groups play each other to determine the final (6th) relegation spot


  • Romania Tier 3 is Viewable Only

  • You can however manage in the 3rd tier but only if you are relegated into it, you can't apply for a job there

  • There must be no more than 2 non Eu players i the starting 11

  • The match squad must have at least 10 players trained by a club in Romania.

  • There must be at least 2 under-20 players trained by a club in Romania for 3 years in the playing eleven.

  • There must be at least one under-18 player trained by a club in Romania for 3 years in the playing eleven.

Location Of Clubs

Suggested* Additional Nations To Load

Eastern European Journeyman

*As always this is only a suggestion, the leagues listed are in order of importance, feel free to run as many or as little leagues as you think your system can handle. The setup above gives a nice regional feel.

It is advisable however to run as many top tier leagues of major nations as you can to keep the continental club competitions competitive

Media Prediction, Board Expectations and Title Odds

*Your odds and board expectations may vary slightly from save to save

Football Manager 2021 - Romanian Liga II Casa Pariurilor

Club Culture

Football Manager 2021 - Romanian Liga II Casa Pariurilor


Aerostar Bacău

ASU Poli Timișoara

Comuna Recea

Concordia Chiajna

CS Mioveni


CSM Reșița

CSM Slatina

Dunărea Călărași

Farul Constanța

FC Rapid

FC U Craiova

Gloria Buzău

Metaloglobus București

Pandurii Târgu Jiu

Petrolul Ploiești

Ripensia Timișoara

Turris Turnu Măgurele

U Cluj

Unirea Slobozia

Viitorul Târgu Jiu