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It's about playing the game in the right spirit, it's about the journey.  You won't find any wonderkid guides or tactical advice here.  We here at the9llamas.com like to work things out for ourselves and find that glorious failure can be just as rewarding as repeated success. 

 As renowned American novelist Herman Melville  (who probably loved llamas) once said  "It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation." 

Having said that the beauty of Football Manager is that it's YOUR game and you can play it as you see fit, this is just one of many ways to play the game it just happens to be the one that suits us.  

All guides and articles here will be LLaMa friendly and hopefully will give an insight into the LLM way of doing things.  No doubt you'll be tearing your hair out at the tactical naivety and general ineptitude, but success, if there is any, will be all the better for it.

I came accross the LLaMa way of doing things well over a decade ago and the ethos spoke to me straight away as it was the way I had always tried to play and this just gave what I was already striving for a name.  

Sure prior to that I had downloaded tactics and read up on training schedules and had a decent amount of success but it all felt unsatisfying and a little hollow somehow.

At this point I decided to role play the game more asking myself "would this or this be realistic?" rather than setting out to beat the game.  This changed everything for me and my saves were lasting twenty seasons plus, rather than ten at most.

I then found the now defunct LLM forum at SIGames and latterly the LLM forums at FM Britain and LowerLeagueManager.com where I was able to read the guidelines and meet like minded players.

If you decide you like what you read here, and familiarise yourself with the guidelines, get over to the LLM forums and register to get involved  Its a great community and highly welcoming to newbies.

edit - sadly the forum is now defunct, you can however pop into the Realism Thread over at the official Sports Interactive Forums which is our current hangout.

Don't forget to follow us on Twitter too, this is a new site so we could do with all the encouragement you can muster!

Once you've read the aforementioned guidelines you can then follow our step by step guide at the foot of the page where you will meet the LLMPicker Llamas Old Grey, Blue and Red who will send you on an unforgettable journey to destinations new.  

The only question you need to answer is which Llama to guide you.  The difference?  Well, that would be telling.....

Hope you enjoy

-Old Grey Llama

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