Meet The Llamas

Llama Biographies

Meet The Llamas

Each llama has his own area of expertise

Old Grey Llama

The main man (llama)

Leader of the pack, the Grey Llama is wise and all knowing, It's his council you must seek for a starting club. He is not the legendary FRANK, or more recently PACO, nor does he pretend to be, he is merely a Llama that has stepped up to fill the void that has been left.

In his mind as long as a team is in the lowest tier in a nation then they are fair game.  Let the chips fall where they may

He does however fancy himself as a bit of a wordsmith and enjoys chronicling his travels through the managerial world, the trouble is he's awful at it. He doesn't let that stop him though, because of course, there's always next season 

Red and Blue Llamas

Know a good club when they see one 

The Red and Blue Llamas are brothers, they are both experts when it comes to picking clubs for the discerning LLaMa, however they both have very different takes on what constitutes a good club. Red is of the opinion that a club should be chosen based on its culture and ethos, so that you can tailor your footballing philosophy to the club you start at.

His younger sibling on the other hand is something of a glutton for punishment preferring to go with the worst of the worst.  His motto is if you aren't up against it from day one are you even really a LLaMa? Something of a purist he revels in the sackings and sees them as a learning curve. He often says he lets the failure humble him, but he won't let it crush him. Red just thinks he's an idiot. Both are often seen bickering about what does and doesn't constitute a LLaMa worthy starting point. The only thing that annoys them more than each other is the Anonymous Llama who just tells them to use expansion leagues or start as unemployed. The heathen. 

The Purple Llama

League Reviewer 

With an eye for detail the Purple Llama gives comprehensive reviews on league structures to give you a heads up when you get sent to a far flung league with obscure rules on foreign players or a league structure that would make a mathematicians eyes water (I'm looking at you Belgium!) 

He's also well versed in setting a game up so he'll be able to give sage advice in terms of complimentary leagues to run alongside the one you start in for maximum immersion 

League Overviews

The Yellow Llama

Wanderlust Llama 

Regular article contributor, writing about all things football not just the world of FM, The kind of llama that nips to Chernobyl on a whim and thinks nothing of a casual trip to North Korea. More likely to be seen in San Marino than the San Siro

Loves to give well detailed club suggestions to others, this well travelled llama knows all the most interesting corners of the globe and is also a big fan of the colour yellow, for obvious reasons

The Anonymous Llama

Doesn't want to be named 

Through fear of repercussions from zealots the anonymous Llama lives in the shadows his passion for league expansions has made him a fringe character. Nobody knows who he is.  All they know is that once in a while he leaves reviews for added leagues on the doorstep in the dead of night, hoping to win the other llamas around. Could he be a llama we already know? Or an entirely different llama altogether? 

He spends his time meticulously testing and reviewing these addons to make sure they are LLaMa friendly and is convinced that it's the future. Who wouldn't want another two tiers in the Belarussian league he often ponders to himself whilst writing begging letters to Sports Interactive in a desperate attempt to get them to add more official leagues He's convinced they don't know what they're missing 

The Brown Llama


All things retro, kits, stadiums of the past, old balls, old versions of FM, Graphics from old FM's like the Irish guy with Italian surname who turned out to not be Irish at all background on CM93, he still reminisces about holding down the spacebar to make the game go quicker. Often found glassy eyed leafing through his World Cup 1982 Panini sticker book. Known to conduct the odd CM/FM history quiz 

The Green Llama

The Tech Llama

Green is the Tech Llama, always looking to see what laptop/PC can get the most out of Football Manager.  From benchmarks to hardware suggestions Green is your go to guy when making a new purchase.

Your Football Manager experience too slow?  Green Llama has all the tips and tricks needed to quicken up your experience.  Results on the pitch may painful but he'll tell you all you need to know to make sure your processing times aren't

The Orange Llama

Graphics Enthusiast 

Can't go into a new season without designing a new kit for his team, enjoys taking kit making requests and can be seen scouring the internet for the very best graphical add-ons. Hates the most recent regen faces and names all of his players after their haircuts 

Lower League Manager

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