Expansion Leagues

The Anonymous Llama reviews league add-ons to test their realism and suitability from a LLaMa perspective

Welcome to the Expansion/Add-on league section

Through fear of repercussions from zealots the anonymous Llama lives in the shadows his passion for league expansions has made him a fringe character. Nobody knows who he is. All they know is that once in a while he leaves reviews for added leagues on the doorstep in the dead of night, hoping to win the other llamas around. Could he be a llama we already know? Or an entirely different llama altogether?

He spends his time meticulously testing and reviewing these addons to make sure they are LLaMa friendly and is convinced that it's the future. Who wouldn't want another two tiers in the Belarussian league he often ponders to himself whilst writing begging letters to Sports Interactive in a desperate attempt to get them to add more official leagues to Football Manager (Latvia!) as he's convinced they don't know what they're missing.

Due to expansion leagues being a bone of contention amongst LLaMas the anonymous llama explains in the following guide his methodology for making sure that any add-ons are LLaMa friendly and within the spirit of the LLM guidelines in the following article.

Expansion League LLM Scenarios

Expansion League LLM Scenarios

A comprehensive LLaMa guide to adding the lower leagues in England with an LLMPicker to complement it

The Anonymous Llama outlines the league structure and gives his recommendation on how low you should go.

The base game already comes with all but four of the South American nations already playable.

The Anonymous Llama has found the perfect add-ons to have all of the countries covered to offer you the complete South American LLaMa experience.

The definition of the the area is hotly disputed but for the complete experience in FM21 all it lacks is Albania, Bosnia, Kosovo, Montenegro & North Macedonia

With that in mind the Anonymous Llama has found the perfect add-ons to make your Balkans journeyman save a reality.

Rather surprisingly overlooked in Football Manager possibly due to lack of researchers for the leagues the Baltic states offer a new and fresh challenge for the budding LLaMa journeyman to get his teeth stuck into.

As mentioned though the lack of accurate research means that only the top flight of each nation is really viable but once fleshed out with some of the neighbouring nations it makes a very interesting challenge indeed.

Tried and tested add-on leagues for FM20 with pros and cons