Setting Up A LLaMa Save

A Step By Step Guide

Okay so you've been to see one of the three Llamas and have had a look through the guidelines and are now ready to start your journey into the world of LLM but how do you go about it I hear you ask?  

In this article we will go through the process step by step outlining what is necessary or not when setting up a LLaMa save.   As you will see there's no special formula to it and it may well be pretty much what you do already but it's worth outlining so you get off to the best start possible in Football Manager.

The Set-Up

Turns out that Halden has the "worlds most humane prison" so at least if they do lock me up for crimes against football it won't be all bad.

Football Manager 2024

Once the game is loaded click on Career Mode then advanced setup

Select game mode Your World (always pick this for an LLM save as, like the name suggests, you get the realism of the correct squads on day 1 of your save and from then on in it is your world to shape as you see fit)

I will now outline how I set up in-game as a Lower League Manager

Active League Pane

Of course if you have the computer to handle it then its always advisable to run the top flight of the 4 or 5 top European leagues to keep the Champions League etc more competitive.  It's worth remembering as well that you can add or take away leagues depending on how your career progresses.

Advanced Options Pane

From FM24 onwards leave this unticked as you have the ability to play with correct squads on the day you take over

Approximate Player Count Pane

Selecting your club and creating your manager