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The Lower League Management Skin

They're here! Dedicated skins that adhere to the Lower League Manager Guidelines and enhance your LLM experience!

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10 Ways To Speed Up Football Manager 2021

Game running slow? Getting frustrated?

The Green Llama gives you all the tips and tricks to speed up your FM experience....

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English Lower Leagues

A comprehensive LLaMa guide to adding the lower leagues in England with an LLMPicker to complement it

The Anonymous Llama outlines the league structure and gives his recommendation on how low you should go.

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Valentines Special

The Yellow Llama has been very unlucky in love..

I'm sorry I haven't written in so long. Things have been.... weird.... since Christmas Eve. I am halfway through writing to you to explain all, but things are a little hazy.

In a nutshell, I was at the ambassador's annual shindig.....[..]

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South America

The base game already comes with all but four of the South American nations already playable.

The Anonymous Llama has found the perfect add-ons to have all of the countries covered to offer you the complete South American LLaMa experience.

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Setting Up A LLaMa FM21 Save

Okay so you've been to see one of the three Llamas and have had a look through the guidelines and are now ready to start your journey into the world of LLM but how do you go about it I hear you ask? In this article we will go through the process step by....[..]

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Championship Manager

The Brown Llama Takes you down memory lane giving you the lowdown on the Championship Manager series of games, the predecessor to FM

He also offers you the opportunity to try them in your browser or download them to your PC. All downloads are fully Windows 10 compatible

Optional LLaMa Guidelines

The One Hour Rule

This is something I abide by and I know a fair few other LLaMas do too. Primarily used when starting at part time/amateur sides, this involves only signing players within an hours drive of your club.

The method for determining this would be to look at the birthplace of the player and also how local to yours their previous clubs are. .[..]

Yellow Llama Diaries

Can Greenland become the next Iceland??

The Yellow Llama takes a frosty trip to the Arctic circle to find out

Iceland's incredible performances in recent years have caught the attention of football fans worldwide. The underdogs have brought a wry smile to neutrals pleased that....[..]

Anonymous Llama Expansions

Baltic States

Rather surprisingly overlooked in Football Manager possibly due to lack of researchers for the leagues the Baltic states offer a new and fresh challenge for the budding LLaMa journeyman to get his teeth stuck into.

As mentioned though the lack of accurate research means that only the ...

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Benchmarking Football Manager 2021

The Green Llama takes a look at Benchmarking results

Every year on the Official SIGames forums there is a benchmarking thread which attempts to gauge, via various benchmarks, how fast a system can run Football Manager.

Over the last two years I have taken up the mantle....[..]

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The Yellow Llama seeks out a few challenges in the Turkish 3rd tier

Today I find myself in Turkey. It's not been the easiest of journeys. I originally landed in a place I'd never heard of called "Georgia".

Not one of the 53 known countries of the world, but I thought I'd give it a go.....[..]

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The Yellow Llama seeks out a few challenges in the Swedish 4th tier

Today I find myself in Sweden. It's not been the easiest of journeys. I was planning on spending the winter in warmer climes but got into a bit of trouble crossing the Turkish/Bulgarian border. Mainly on account that I am, in fact, a llama....[..]

LLaMa Save Suggestions

The Ghost Leagues

Starting in either France, Romania or Norway. Who each, rather uniquely, have an entire tier of there league system unavailable to play in until the second season.

This challenge gives the budding new LLaMa a safety net of sorts as they will have a league below where they start to fall back on in the even of relegation or a sacking....[..]

Anonymous Llama Expansions

The Balkans

The definition of the the area is hotly disputed but for the complete experience in FM21 all it lacks is Albania, Bosnia, Kosovo, Montenegro & North Macedonia

With that in mind the Anonymous Llama has found the perfect add-ons to make your Balkans journeyman save a reality.

Brown Llama Retro

A look at retro FM kit Styles

Over the years there have been some brilliant kit styles from simple clean designs to the more abstract and unique. ...