Community Q&A's

A series of question and answer sessions with LLM community regulars where they give an insight into what the LLaMa way of playing Football Manager means to them.  

This week its the turn of Doncaster fan and professional P45 collector JD95

1. What inspired you to play the LLM way?

I support Doncaster Rovers and growing up, I witnessed the club's rise from the Conference back towards being an established Football League club, which I would then obviously try to replicate on the first version of the game I got - CM01/02. 

That got me hooked on trying to build clubs up and make them more than what they were when I found them. I also follow Glasgow Rangers and we all know what happened around a decade ago... Then, in my first proper job, I met a non-league managerial legend and got to sit opposite him while he did his non-league managering at work. That kind of cemented things for me.

2. What about the LLM ethos appeals to you the most?

The realism. 

The feeling of real achievement when you've built something from the ground up, or even when you've added the final touches to someone else's project - but knowing you did it your way, and not following some random guide off the internet. 

The sheer struggle to not be sh*te.

3. Are there any extra “rules” that you give to yourself for added realism?

I try to limit myself to signing players in my geographic region when at a lower down club. 

4. What makes the LLM community so great?

They laugh at how sh*t I am but also encouraged me to keep trying when everyone knew I was sh*t, including myself! 

5. The landscape of Football Manager has changed a lot over the years is there still a place for LLM?


6. For a new player maybe looking to dip their toes into the world of LLM what would your advice be?

Embrace mediocrity as success. 

Don't give up when you fail. 

Don't start in f*cking Northern Ireland.

7. What is your favourite nation to manage in and why?

Either England or Scotland, because I have an active interest in the pyramids there.

8. What nations do you avoid and why?

USA. MLS. Need I say more? 

Russia, I can't handle having so many people on my bench. 

Australia, A-League has weird transfer rules from memory.

9. Who are you currently managing and how is it going?

I am currently managing Bruk-Bet Termalica. 

It was going so badly I stopped playing in a strop and assumed I'd been sacked. Turns out I'm just on the verge of being sacked.

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