The Balkans

The Balkans Expansion

Welcome to the Balkans expansion leagues guide, the aim of this guide is to give you the most complete experience the area has to offer whist maintaining the realism required to adhere to the LLM way of playing the game

The definition of the Balkans is hotly disputed but for the sake of this scenario I have settled on the leagues listed below, 5 of which are already playable with the base game. All it lacks is Albania, Bosnia, Kosovo, Montenegro & North Macedonia

The add-ons recommended below go down very deep into each nations pyramid however from a LLaMa standpoint in order to maintain realism it is advised that you only add the top 2 tiers of the added nations (top 1 for Albania) and load all available levels from the leagues that already come with the game giving you a nicely balanced gameworld of 19 leagues from 10 nations.

It is not recommended to load any lower as there will be a lack of real players and/or the league system that is incorrect and is thus unrealistic

Your setup should be as follows:

Leagues To Load

  • Bulgaria - Tier 1 & 2

  • Croatia - Tier 1 & 2

  • Greece - Tier 1 & 2

  • Serbia - 1 & 2

  • Slovenia - Tier 1


  • Albania - Tier 1

  • Bosnia - Tier 1 & 2

  • Kosovo - Tier 1 & 2

  • Montenegro - Tier 1 & 2

  • North Macedonia - Tier 1 & 2

All four expansion leagues are made by the excellent editor @Timo@ who makes multiple league expansions of an extremely high quality

The five leagues you need can be downloaded below and there is also a link to @Timo@'s other outstanding work so be sure to check that out

Extract all files to Documents/sports interactive/football manager 2021/editor data

LLMPicker Balkans

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