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Q: Who invented LLM and who came up with the rules?

A: In the days before CM3 there was a Forum on the CM Boards called Crap Manager City. The guys who frequented that Forum played the game in a specific way, without cheating, without tipping, doing it their own way in other words.

There was a fall-out between the CMC users and the SI Hierarchy, and the Forum was banished into the wilderness for 40 years, where it found root and flourished to the pretty much non-CM Board that it is now.

This left a gaping hole for the guys who played CM without the need for cheating, tipping or bragging, and LLM was formed to fill the void, moderated by bell and gaspode and subsequently by WingCo.

The "Rules" and Guidelines were formulated from the remnants of the CMC ones, with a few amendments and additions to begin with, and gradually fine tuned to the current state by the regular users and various guys who came and went and left their mark on the LLM Spirit and Ethos.

The regulars back then included Ewite, BiB, Evo, Wocko, 9Lives, Double Dickie, Nightharvest, iajafer and others, and guys like Rekwob, LFCfan, Craigtehman0, Taipan and others jumped in and added their personality to it.


Q: Tell us about the birth of Frank (The original LLM Team Picker). Why the name? And especially why the eyepatch and dagger?

A: A guy from Louisiana, came to the Forum in the early days and was involved in a thread in which the Cow Tipping site was mentioned (it went along the lines of "Player tipping's banned? How about Cow Tipping? There's a good site...")

LLM being what it is, the thread got slightly Pythonesque and silly and Llama tipping was brought up, and a character from Python, Frank Llama, was also mentioned.

gaspode at the same time had edited a full team of named players in some plurk's thread by naming the whole team Llama, as in the credits for Monty Python and The Holy Grail (are you still with me?)

Round about the same time it was discovered that LLaMa held within the acronym LLM, and two and two were added to make...a LLaMa called Frank.

Frank went deep under cover as an assassin who could spit the eye out of a gnat at 100 paces and can only be contacted through wocko and WingCo...both of whom seem to have disappeared, oddly...

The Eye Patch LLaMa is a Spanish Imposter. He was caught and has been left hanging outside the hut as a reminder to newcomers.


CMC - a sort of off-topic forum for llamas and their predecessors at SI, the crappers. Nothing to do with SI in any way and thus not a closely moderated forum with strict rules. Newbies always welcome as long as they don't act like fools.

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