Save Suggestions

From clubs in financial trouble to fallen giants, every club has a story to tell and here the Yellow Llama unearths his favourites and sends his findings home to his fellow llamas.

"LLaMa's don't do challenges, but sometimes they need a push in the right direction".

-Ancient LLaMa proverb

Tired? Stuck in a rut? Need a change of scenery?

Don't worry. You're not alone. The Yellow Llama knows how you feel. I mean, there are worse places to be than stuck in pen in Peru with eight of your mates. But he saw his chance. A split second was all he had and he was out, beyond the gate. On a plane. To anywhere.

He still misses his friends, of course - who wouldn't miss a llama who randomly blurted out the names of lower league football clubs from around the world (Krylia Sovetov indeed!) ? Or the purple guy whose wooly head was filled with so much information about pastures new! The Yellow Llama couldn't just listen to that - he needed to be there.

So off he went. He writes every now and again of course, and every time he does he includes four suggestions;

  • One for the young LLaMas, unsure if the llama life is for them & ready to dip their hooves in the water

  • One for the more experienced amongst us, each unique & different in it's own way

  • A random suggestion based on a number of well thought out factors. Mainly that the team plays in yellow. Well, that's about the only factor really.

  • And, finally, the Yellow Llama's Legendary LLaMa Suggestion - Each one specific to the country the Yellow Llama finds himself in, these are really not for the faint hearted.

So read on, and follow the path of the Yellow Llama wherever he goes. Which could be anywhere. Except Peru. He is NEVER going back to Peru.