LLaMa Save Suggestions

To Get You Started

First things first, this is not a challenge in the traditional sense, there is no end goal, no points to collect, no medals or badges or anything like that It is simply a good way for a budding LLaMa to see if this way of playing is for them.

Feel free of course to set your own targets but the only real goal of any LLaMa save is to play in the right way and go where the wind takes you, but this particular "challenge" should at least make it a little less difficult for the beginner.

What are the Ghost Leagues?

You will be starting in either Romania, Norway or France which all have an extra tier of leagues that uniquely are unplayable in the first season of the game hence the term ghost leagues. My understanding is that this is due to licensing reasons.

Why start in these Nations?

In theory it should be easier for the novice LLaMa to start in these Nations as you will have the added security of being able to be relegated and (depending on the generosity of your board) still keep your job.

Additionally in the event of being sacked you could apply for a job at a team in a relegation spot and have less expectations in that season and be able to carry on in the league below.

It is worth bearing in mind however that you can only manage in these leagues if you are relegated into them. At no point can you apply for a job in one.

The Set-Up

  1. Load all leagues from Romania, France and Norway using the Setting Up A LLaMa Save article to guide you through the process.

  2. Use the LLMPicker below to choose your club.

  3. Standard LLaMa guidelines apply

  • Only use your own tactics and training

  • Use scouts to find players never the player search screen

  • No overuse of trials

  • Play with attribute masking turned on

  • Use job centre to find staff

  • Never knowingly exploit the match engine.

  • Never use editing or scouting tools to alter the game in any way

  • Never ever reload to get a better result

  • Play as realistically as possible


And that's it, all there is to it. If you need any encouragement along the way be sure to visit the LLaMa Wisdom Generator.

Good luck and let us know how you get on via Twitter.