Premier Manager (1992)

Working Your Way Up


The first ever edition of Premier Manager. The game that forced you to play from the bottom up starting in the English non-league, creating the lower league bug for many a LLaMa

Download links are below and also a link to play inside your browser without the need to install the game. Word of warning though the browser version does not allow you to save your game but may be a good option if you just want to have a little poke around

Installation Instructions

Simply extract the Premier manager folder from the downloaded file and click on Start Game

Ctrl+Alt+Enter - Windowed Mode

Game Codes below - Just scroll through the pictures to line up the shorts and shirts

LLMPicker - Premier Manager 1

Looking for a team to start your lower league adventure on the original Premier Manager?

The Brown Llama has you covered.

Simply click Ask The Brown Llama and he will pick you a team from the lowest playable leagues in this version.

Scroll through the image below to find your copy protection code

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