Recommended Expansion Leagues

England Down To Level 11 by Lionel Messi

The essential English Lower League update


  • The league structure is damn near perfect

  • Experienced editor who has made multiple updates in the past


  • Certain liberties taken with regards to the amount of teams in each division following Bury's demise

What level should I load down to?

  • For LLM players I would recommend having level 9 as the furthest down to go before the players "bottom out" i.e. there won't be any difference between your average player at level 9 to level 11.

Also there won't be much difference between the teams either so it's likely you could lure in a few desperate level 6 type players to your level 11 club that could rocket you up the leagues in no time which would be wholly unrealistic.

South America by Tonao

The essential South America update - Central America & Caribbean also part of the pack but I've only tested the extra South American ones, so use other Nations with discretion


  • Completes the missing leagues for South America for full immersion

  • Amazing attention to detail with what are exceptionally complicated rules


  • The full Brazilian pyramid is huge and is recommended to be run on its own due to processing times

What Setup Should I Run?

  • For a comprehensive South American experience add the following 4 files. The original leagues that come with the game for the other nations are fine

    • Bolivia - Level 2

    • Equador - Level 2

    • Paraguay - Level 2

    • Venezuela - Level 2

  • As mentioned above if you want to try your hand at the full Brazilian set-up then it is best to load that file on its own as it is huge (4 national leagues and 26 state leagues, some with 2 or more tiers themselves)