Retro FM Kit Styles

The Orange & Brown Llamas take you on a nostalgic graphical walk down memory lane

Over the years there have been some brilliant kit styles from simple clean designs to the more abstract and unique.

Here are some of the ones I've used and made over the years, i'll keep adding to these as I find more in the depths of my hard drive so be sure to pop back.

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SS08 Kits

Where it all started with the SS kits, judging by the kits that I found on my computer it looks like I had a pretty long career at Stalybridge, Bedford, Gateshead Cortulua and A.D. Lousada on FM08. This latest version of this kit style is still going strong now over at Sortitoutsi



Bedford, Cortulua and A.D. Lousada

3GT Kits

I remember really enjoying working with these templates at the time although they were really time consuming to make. No longer suitable for modern versions due to their size but nice to put them on display for a little bit of nostalgia.

FMG 09

Another unique style of kits from over a decade ago, extremely unique, I'm sure I made a lot of these but the only ones I made that I could find in a dusty corner of my hard drive were these for one of my favourite lower league clubs, Stalybridge Celtic

Catalogue Kits

Another blast from the past that I enjoyed making back in the day, here are a couple I made for Thanda Royal Zulu - the club now defunct as the franchise was sold in 2017


by Oscar7 & Phantom

Along with the FMG kits these were another great style from over a decade ago from the long since closed FMG-Live.

A great website that got me into kit making. I still have the templates for these if anyone wants to jazz up their copy of FM07

Download Template