Football Manager 2024 Recommended Graphics

The following are a list of graphics that I use in my own game.  All tried and tested and LLaMa friendly.  I'll be honest I couldn't live without any of these so I would definitely call them essential to add depth and realism.

Most are recommended mainly due to the sheer number of faces/logos etc. and their coverage of the lower leagues

The majority of these links are for Sortitoutsi which you need to register for in order to download.  

All Installation instructions can be found by following the links



Cutout Faces 

The biggest collection of Football Manager Player Faces available.  The amount of faces currently stands at 398,601

NewGan Newgen Replacement Player Faces 

These are completely fictitious faces made using a computer algorithm and I think you'll agree they look great.  In fact I can't believe they aren't real. 

There is currently a project ongoing to  make a megapack of these that install automatically to the correct ethnicity etc.  Until then it has to be done manually which isn't ideal but the method of installation is described when following the link

EDIT - Now released here 


Metallic Logos 

Contains 393,295 logos which is more than any other pack available and is regularly updated.  Accept no substitute.

Small Stadiums

FMScout Mini Stadiums

These small stadiums will show up on the club overview page and in various other places in-game.  You will need a third party skin (below) to make them appear


There is currently no dedicated LLM skin for FM23.  

Until there is I would recommend the WTCS5 by Bluestillidie00

You can download the LLM skin for FM21 below


Adboard Patch

Adds realistic adboards around the pitch when using the 3D engine.  There aren't a massive amount for the lower leagues but new leagues are being added all the time so it's worth checking for updates

Club/Competition Name Fix






THE most essential add-on for Football Manager (unless you love zebras) adding proper, real life names for awards, cities, stadiums, competitions and teams in cases where the actual name is not licensed.

Not a graphical enhancement per se but well worth of a mention as it's the first addition I make to my copy of Football Manager and I couldn't live without it.