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The Nine Llamas

A Football Manager LLM Website devoted to starting in the lowest playable league in a particular nation whilst playing as realistically and honestly as possible within the confines of the game.

The lower league management ideals consist of no cheating, no good player guides and no use of other peoples tactics.

LLM isn't a one-off challenge to be attempted, it is a mind-set, an ethos and a way of playing the game every time, not just when you feel like it. You either are a LLaMa or you are not. You are not sometimes a LLaMa.

Having said that the beauty of Football Manager is that it's YOUR game and you can play it as you see fit, this is just one of many ways to play the game it just happens to be the one that suits us and we hope you think so too!

Oh and there's llamas. Nine of them.

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LLM Community Q&A's

Lower League Manager Forum regulars explain how they started playing Football Manager the LLM way and why they think it is the most rewarding way to play the game.

Orange Llama Graphics

LLM Skins

Dedicated lower league management skins with various things removed to adhere to the LLM Ethos/Guidelines Read More

Green Llama Tech

10 Ways To Speed Up FM

Game running slow? Getting frustrated?The Green Llama gives you all the tips and tricks to speed up your FM experience...Read More


Llama Wisdom Generator

Need a nudge in the right direction? A quick guideline refresher? The Old (he would say wise) Grey Llama gives you bitesize stipets of LLaMadom to keep you motivated... Read More


One Hour Rule Calculator

This is something I abide by and I know a fair few other LLaMas do too. Primarily used when starting at part time/amateur sides, this involves only signing players within an hours drive of your club. The LLM method for determining this would be to look at the ... Read More

Anonymous Llama Expansion Leagues

LLaMa Use Of Expansion Leagues

Due to expansion leagues being a bone of contention amongst LLaMas the anonymous llama explains his methodology for making sure that any add-ons are LLM friendly and within the spirit of the guidelines....Read More

Anonymous Llama Expansion Leagues

English Lower Leagues

A comprehensive LLaMa guide to adding the lower leagues in England with an LLMPicker to complement it.The Anonymous Llama outlines the league structure and gives his recommendation on how low you should go to maintain realism.

Yellow Llama Save Suggestions


The yellow llama lays down a few lower league management challenges in the Turkish 3rd tier ...Read More

Brown Llama Retro

Championship Manager

The Brown Llama takes you down memory lane giving you the lowdown on the Championship Manager series of games, the predecessor to FM He also offers you the opportunity to try them in your browser or download them to your PC. All downloads are fully Windows 10 compatible ...Read More

Yellow Llama Diaries

Can Greenland become the next Iceland??

The Yellow Llama takes a frosty trip to the Arctic circle to find out
Iceland's incredible performances in recent years have caught the attention of football fans worldwide. The underdogs have brought a wry smile to neutrals pleased that....Read More

Yellow Llama Save Suggestions


The yellow llama lays down a few lower league manager challenges in the Swedish 4th tier ...Read More

Yellow Llama Save Suggestions

Ghost Leagues

Starting in the lower leagues of either France, Romania or Norway. Who each, rather uniquely, have an entire tier of there league system unavailable to play in until the second season.....Read More

Green Llama Tech

Benchmarking Football Manager 2021

Every year on the Official SIGames forums there is a benchmarking thread, which attempts to gauge, via various benchmarks, how fast a system can run Football Manager. Over the last two years I have taken up the mantle to....Read More

Retro Brown Llama

A look at retro FM kit Styles

Over the years there have been some brilliant kit styles from simple clean designs to the more abstract and unique. ....Read More

Yellow Llama Save Suggestions

Valentines Special

The yellow llama has been unlucky in love but still finds time to give you some save suggestions for the aspiring lower league manager ...Read More

Orange Llama Graphics

Recommended Graphics

The Orange Llama scours the web for the best LLaMa friendly graphical add ons so that you don't have to.....Read More

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